4 Basic Phases of the HCG Diet in Charlotte

The HCG diet has garnered international attention as one of the world’s most effective ways to lose weight. The diet consists of four phases: Cleansing, Weight Loss, Stabilization and Maintenance.

Patients begin by receiving injections of HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin. This is a pregnancy hormone that is used to treat infertility, according the U.S. National Library of Medicine. It can also suppress the appetite and aid in weight loss – two effects that inspired the development of the HCG diet.

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Phase 1: Cleansing

It is important to cleanse your body before starting the HCG diet. Although this phase only entered the HCG diet protocol long after its creation, it is crucial to overall success.

Phase 2: Weight Loss

The next stage is all about losing weight. During this time, you will notice rapid weight loss.

Phase 2 actually consists of three sub-phases. A later author of this diet consolidated all of them into this category. They are:

The Loading Phase

The first stage of Phase 2 lasts three days. This is the bingeing or gorging phase. The goal is to load your body with high-fat foods to ease your first week and replenish healthy fat reserves.

The Core Phase

This is the most important part of Phase 2. It can last more than a month for some people. During this stage, you consume 500 calories daily and continue taking HCG. The HCG targets your fat reserves specifically.

The Taper Phase

On the last three days of this phase, you need to maintain the 500-calorie diet and stop the HCG. It will take a few days for the hormone to work its way out of your body.

Phase 3: Stabilization

Phase 3 involves stabilizing your new weight. At this point, you should not be taking HCG. You can eat whatever you want except for sugar and starch.

Phase 4: Maintenance

There are no dieting restrictions in the maintenance phase. There is also no need for HCG.

This phase is about maintaining your weight loss. It is important to note that you should take a break from the diet after this phase. If you require another round, then you should wait at least three weeks.

Can Men Lose Weight with the HCG Diet?

Yes. In fact, men tend to lose weight quicker on the HCG diet than women. While many women can shed 0.5 to 1 pound per day, some men lose up to 2 pounds per day on the HCG diet.

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