Charlotte Tickle Lipo Surgeon Explains 4 Ways to Prepare for Liposuction

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Liposuction has never been safer or more effective for shaping exercise-resistant areas of the body. Modern liposuction methods, such as tickle lipo, require less recovery time, which makes them more practical for people with work, school, children and other obligations. For these reasons, liposuction has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries on the planet.

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In the meantime, read on to learn four ways to prepare for liposuction:

1. Do Your Research

Although there is no resource like an experienced surgeon, the Internet offers helpful information to people who are considering liposuction. A Web search can answer basic questions such as:

·      Which areas of the body can liposuction treat?

·      What are the different types of liposuction?

·      How do “tickle lipo” and CoolSculpting work?

However, it is important to be aware that some information on the Internet may be outdated, incorrect or specific to a particular clinic. This is why there’s no substitute for the advice of an experienced surgeon.

2. Consult a Surgeon

There are several different liposuction techniques, and a surgeon can evaluate your health, goals and other factors to identify the best approach to your operation. Some patients are not good candidates for liposuction; for example, the procedure is designed for people who are at a healthy weight and not for the obese.

Your surgeon can answer any questions you have about the liposuction procedure and alternative options. He or she can also explain any potential risks of the operation.

Fortunately, tickle lipo and CoolSculpting are safe treatments. Complications are rare and usually mild.

You should be honest with the surgeon and provide accurate details about your health and medical history. This will help him or her identify any potential risks.

Be sure to mention any medications you are taking, including over-the-counter supplements and vitamins. Some herbal products can slow the blood-clotting process, so the surgeon may recommend that you stop taking these.

In addition, don’t forget to ask for a checklist of what to do before the surgery. This can help prevent complications and minimize your recovery time.

3. Maintain Your Diet

According to Real Self, it is important that liposuction patients are at a healthy, stable weight. Gaining or losing a significant amount of weight after the surgery can compromise the results. Your diet should include healthy portions of lean protein, fruits and vegetables to support your recovery.

4. Have Reasonable Expectations

You are likely to experience temporary swelling after the surgery, so you should not expect to see the final results of the operation for several weeks afterward. Your surgeon can provide a more precise timeframe for recovery.

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