Sexy Feet The Easy Way

Clarisonic just released their new pedicure system. Clarisonic Pedi. The system includes a buffing brush, sanding disc, a full size foot scrub, foot peel and moisturizer. I purchased the Clarisonic Pedi and after two treatments my feet are incredibly smooth. I think my next pedicure will be a color change only.

Designed to smooth and soften dull, rough feet at home or between professional pedicures, the Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation System combines expertly engineered tools with sonically designed formulations to counteract the factors that cause dry, rough patches. Feet – especially heels and toes – become soft, supple and sandal-ready.

I’m planning to purchase a second as a Christmas gift for my mother. The system retails for $199. If you are interested in purchasing the system call the office and place your order with Jami by Friday, October 18th. 


Clarisonic Pedi

Clarisonic Pedi