What Questions Should I Ask My Charlotte CoolSculpting Therapist Before the Procedure?

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Have you ever tried dieting without success or exercised profusely only to look the same months afterward? Millions of people struggle to trim those last few pockets of fat, but CoolSculpting – a revolutionary procedure that kills fat cells by freezing them – may help you achieve your desired silhouette.

FAQs to CoolSculpting Therapists

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were more than 10 million non -invasive, nonsurgical treatments performed in 2015. CoolSculpting accounted for a significant number of those procedures because it is highly effective yet requires little to no recovery time.

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4 Questions to Ask Your CoolSculpting Therapist

The most important factor with any cosmetic procedure, surgical or non-surgical, is communication. It is crucial that your CoolSculpting practitioner knows your medical history and understands your expectations.

You should ask questions to address your concerns and quell any pre-treatment anxiety. CoolSculpting is one of the safest fat-reduction procedures available, and when performed by a reputable therapist, there is a very low risk of complications.

Be sure to ask your therapist these four questions before your CoolSculpting session:

  1. Is CoolSculpting Safe?

CoolSculpting is FDA-approved and has earned international acclaim for its effectiveness and safety. Several studies have found no instances of significant side effects, which cannot be said about traditional liposuction and other invasive procedures. CoolSculpting is so gentle, in fact, that patients can listen to music, read or check their emails during the procedure.

  1. What Happens to the Fat Cells?

The CoolSculpting applicator targets specific pockets of fat without affecting the surrounding skin or muscle tissue. It cools the area just enough to cause controlled fat cell death. In the weeks following the procedure, your body will flush out those cells naturally.

  1. How Can I Maintain My New Silhouette?

Countless CoolSculpting reviews rave that the results look natural, but it is important that patients take steps to maintain them. Your practitioner will provide specific instructions for your particular treatment, but all patients are advised to eat a balanced diet and follow an exercise routine.

  1. How Long Does the Procedure Last?

CoolSculpting was coined “The Lunchtime Procedure” because most patients can undergo a session and return to their normal activities immediately afterward. Although there are several factors that will affect the amount of time it takes to perform your treatment, most CoolSculpting procedures last about one hour. To get the most out of CoolSculpting, some patients choose to undergo more than one treatment in a visit.

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