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Evolve Medical Associates now provides online shopping for various skin care products and brands through our partnerships with Skin Type Solutions and Alastin. We also provide health and wellness supplements through our partnership with FullScript. Purchasing these products online is quick and easy and ships directly to you.

To purchase Evolve branded products (EMA Skin & Body), please call or email us to place your order.

Skin Type Solutions

The best way to optimize your skin’s function, health, and appearance is with the proper combination of skincare products. But with so many products on the market, it can be almost impossible to choose the correct ones… That’s where Skin Type Solutions comes in. But, what is Skin Type Solutions all about?

The Baumann Skin Typing System was first used by dermatologists at the University of Miami as a diagnostic tool in 2005 and has been included in medical textbooks and training curriculums since 2007.

The Baumann Skin Types system is a skin-type classification system defining 16 skin personalities. This classification system was developed to subdivide research participants into specific phenotypes. Patients were assigned binary values to four characteristics, so defining sixteen “skin personalities”, or “skin types”. These have been used in genetic research aimed at identifying the genes that contribute to skin characteristics such as dryness, oiliness, aging, pigmentation and sensitivity. The classification system has been adopted by aestheticians, dermatologists, consumers and retailers to match cosmeceutical ingredients and skin care products to specific skin types. The type assigned is determined by a self-completed questionnaire, marketed as the “Baumann Skin Type Indicator” or the “Skin Type Solutions Questionnaire”.

Our years of expertise are focused on improving global skin health by working with medical providers and skincare brands to promote the use of scientifically proven skin care, diet, lifestyle habits and oral supplements to maximize skin health.  We passionately believe that by reducing the use of unproven, ineffective, and harmful products while dramatically increasing the proper use of efficacious therapies — we can reduce the incidence of skin cancer, acne and other skin issues that affect the skin’s health and appearance.

If you already have taken the Baumann Skin Type quiz, you can log in an purchase the products recommended in your regimen.

If you haven’t taken the Baumann Skin Type quiz, it’s easy and quick. You have two options: 1) create an account in Skin Type Solutions and take the quiz, or 2) download the app from the Apple App Store and take the quiz on your phone. Either way, we will be notified of your quiz results, giving us the opportunity to review your results and discuss the recommended products.

Use our Physician Code EMA125 when you register.

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ALASTIN Skincare®

ALASTIN Skincare® is the fastest-growing physician-dispensed skincare brand, with innovative, scientifically proven and clinically tested products. ALASTIN Skincare provides a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge products for optimal procedure results and daily skincare regimens.

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Health & Wellness Supplements

Through our partnership with Fullscript, we can offer a wide range of medical grade supplements to address any of your health and wellness needs, at affordable prices! We use Fullscript to dispense quality supplements and keep you on track with your treatment plans. Unlike other retailers, Fullscript guarantees products are never past expiry, counterfeit, or stored incorrectly. Not sure which supplements are right for you? Call our email us and we will schedule a consultation with Wellness Medical Director, Sarah Yousuff, MD.

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