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5 Celebrities Who Swear by Botox

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Plastic surgery used to have quite a stigma attached to it, especially in Hollywood, and award-winning starlets would go to great lengths to keep their procedures under wraps. Thanks to recent advancements in medical technology, that stigma is fading. Cosmetic surgery is now safer, more effective and more economical than ever.

5 Celebrities Who Swear by Botox

If you’re considering Botox or Juvederm in Charlotte, we can help. At Evolve Medical Associates, we offer various cosmetic procedures that leave clients looking and feeling their best. We customize every treatment for each individual client to ensure beautiful, natural-looking results.   

If you’re self-conscious about fine lines on your face or stubborn fat pockets on your hips, you can do something about it. Call Evolve Medical Associates today at (704) 610-5776, and arrange an initial consultation.

Still unsure if Botox will work for you? Here are five celebrities who swear by injectable fillers:

1. Jenny McCarthy

Though permanent fillers might sound more appealing than temporary ones, it’s the temporary ones that actually look more natural. Most faces don’t respond as well to permanent fillers, and they don’t age with the face. Jenny McCarthy is a great example of how natural Botox can look, and her doctor uses just the right amount, giving her full, plump cheeks without going overboard.

2. Kim Kardashian

Though she is vehement that her curves are all natural, Kim Kardashian isn’t opposed to getting injectable fillers in her face. According to, Kardashian isn’t averse to cosmetic procedures, and she’s gotten Botox in the past to maintain her flawless look.

3. Jennifer Anniston

If any woman knows how to age gracefully, it’s Jennifer Anniston. She admits she can see how overusing Botox and other cosmetic procedures could be a slippery slope, but she still uses injectable fillers in moderation to stay young.

4. Vanessa Williams

There’s no doubt that Vanessa Williams is a natural beauty, but most women could use a little boost every once in a while. Williams admits to embracing Botox for a smooth, wrinkle-free look. She believes it gives her a rested, serene appearance, but she uses it sparingly.

5. Kelly Ripa

One of the most popular proponents of injectable fillers, Kelly Ripa is a Botox fanatic, and she’s not afraid to show it. Ripa claims she tries to lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating well, but she has no shame in turning to Botox whenever she needs a little extra dose of vitality.

It’s natural to be apprehensive about undergoing any procedure, even one as noninvasive as Botox. Injectable fillers are growing more popular with every passing year, though, and lots of men and women around the world rely on them to look as young as they feel. Whether you’re considering Juvederm or liposuction in Charlotte, we can help.

At Evolve Medical Associates, we cater every procedure to the individual client. Call us today at (704) 610-5776 to arrange an initial consultation and discuss your cosmetic goals.






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