Are You Considering CoolScuplting in Charlotte? 8 Facts You Should Know about This Revolutionary Procedure

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The media loves CoolSculpting. Celebrities are talking about it. Writers are writing about it. Men and women around the world are turning to this revolutionary treatment to target stubborn pockets of fat.

Coolsculpting Treatment in Charlotte

Can you imagine just melting your fat away? CoolSculpting uses an innovative process called cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells so your body expels them naturally. The results look natural, the procedure is quick, and there are no incisions involved.

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Fact 1: CoolSculpting is not discomforting.

Although you will feel a cold sensation during CoolSculpting, this fades as the treatment area numbs. Most patients are so comfortable that they read, catch up on work, or even sleep during their CoolSculpting sessions.

Fact 2: CoolSculpting has a high success rate.

CoolSculpting is effective for men and women of all ages, though most physicians recommend that patients wait until they are 18 years old to undergo treatment. Some patients notice immediate fat reduction; however, the most dramatic results will take a few weeks to appear. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, as the body excretes the fat, the results will steadily improve.

Fact 3: Most CoolSculpting patients attend multiple sessions.

More than 70 percent of CoolSculpting patients attend multiple sessions. Your practitioner may recommend several sessions to achieve your desired silhouette.

Fact 4: CoolScuplting is popular among men.

CoolScuplting is just as effective for men as it is for women. The results can boost your confidence, which can have positive effects on your relationships, career, and social life.

Fact 5: The results take time to show.

According to Real Self, every CoolSculpting treatment reduces fat in the targeted area by about 20 percent. However, it may take up to two months to see the final results.

Fact 6: The fat cells that die will not regenerate.

According to, when your body expels fat cells after cryolipolysis, they will not regenerate. Fortunately, fat cells freeze before other tissues, so the procedure only removes fat.

However, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine after CoolSculpting. Although your fat cells will not grow back, the cells that remain in your body can expand.

Fact 7: CoolSculpting is popular among celebrities.

CoolSculpting is popular among celebrities – and the trend doesn’t appear to be waning. Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian are among the many celebs who are taking advantage of cryolipolysis.

Fact 8: The CoolSculpting cost is affordable.

The CoolSculpting cost is affordable on most budgets. Thanks to this technology, non-invasive fat reduction is no longer reserved for the wealthy and famous.

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