Botox Doctor in Charlotte Answers 6 FAQs about Botox Injections

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More men and women are requesting Botox treatments than ever before. Since 2000, these procedures have grown by 700 percent, according to This spike in popularity is not only a testament to the safety of Botox, but it also demonstrates Botox’s effectiveness for treating a range of medical and cosmetic conditions.

Botox vs Juvederm

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Until then, read on to learn the answers to six Botox FAQs:

  1. Are Botox injections uncomfortable?

Some patients delay Botox injections because they expect that the procedure will be uncomfortable. However, the sensation is comparable to acupuncture or even a mosquito bite. You may feel a mild pinch for a second or two, but most patients are amazed at how little discomfort is involved.

  1. Does Botox inhibit facial expressions and movement?

One of the biggest myths surrounding Botox is the claim that it freezes facial muscles. This is untrue.

Botox does not interfere with or prevent proper facial movement. Patients will maintain their full range of facial expressions. In fact, Botox relaxes muscles, which may enhance a person’s facial movement and expression.

  1. Does Botox work for other conditions besides wrinkles?

Most people use Botox for cosmetic purposes. It is highly effective for smoothing fine lines and reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles on the face. In addition to its cosmetic benefits, Botox can treat certain medical conditions including depression, pain, neurological problems, involuntary spasms and more.

  1. Is there botulism in Botox?

There is not a single reported case of botulism found in Botox. To make Botox, manufacturers extract the necessary proteins from the toxin botulism. This is the same process used to make medicines, but only the purified proteins exist in Botox – not the botulism itself. Botox patients are not at risk of botulism poisoning.

  1. Has the FDA approved Botox?

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration approved Botox for crow’s feet in 2013. In fact, Botox Cosmetic is the only product approved for treating crow’s feet in adults. The FDA first approved Botox for medical applications more than two decades ago.

  1. Is Botox effective for men?

Yes. Although Botox is more common among women, more men are turning to the procedure for help with fine lines, wrinkles and certain medical conditions. According to, more than 300,000 men underwent Botox or Dysport in 2009.

Botox and CoolSculpting in Charlotte, North Carolina

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