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Love My Lips!

Nothing makes buying lipgloss more fun than having nice full lips to put it on.

I have had Restylane in my lips in the past and even though there was a little swelling and some slight bruising, I absolutely loved the results. So when Dr. Sudy recommended I try Belotero I was excited to see if there would be any differences between the two.

Dr. Sudy injected a full syringe of Belotero into my lips on Saturday. I have always had naturally full lips, but I just wanted to smooth out some of the lip lines and get more of a “pouty” look. 

I absolutely loved everything about Belotero. It feels very natural and smooth and there was absolutely no bruising. I was a little swollen from the injections, but that was gone within an hour or so, and there wasn’t any discomfort during or after the treatment. I could not be happier with the results and I will definitely continue to use Belotero for my lip injections in the future!

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