The Truth behind 5 Common Myths about Botox in Charlotte

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Botox is one of the world’s most popular cosmetic enhancements. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, consumers spend more than $43 billion every year on anti-aging treatments, and at least $12 billion of that is for cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections. Despite its popularity, however, myths about Botox continue to persist.

Botox vs Juvederm

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Until then, read on to learn the truth behind five Botox myths:

Myth 1: Botox injections are uncomfortable.

Most patients compare Botox injections to a mosquito bite. It is similar to the sensation of acupuncture. In fact, there is no need for anesthetic. You will notice a mild pinch-like sensation that subsides within seconds.

Myth 2: Botox freezes facial muscles and prevents expression.

Botox injections do not freeze muscles in the face. Patients do not have difficulty displaying their entire emotional range, and they continue to use facial language as an effective way to communicate. Botox injections actually relax facial muscles.

Myth 3: Botox contains the botulism virus.

There is not a single report of botulism in any Botox supply. To make Botox, manufacturers extract purified proteins from botulism, which is the basis of many medicines today.

Myth 4: Botox treats wrinkles exclusively.

Because Botox is a popular cosmetic enhancement, many people assume it only treats wrinkles. However, Botox has a myriad of other uses. It has effectively treated neurological disorders, strabismus, facial spasms, cramps, tremors, joint pain, hyperhidrosis, depression, migraines and more.

Myth 5: Botox is not FDA approved.

Botox has been making groundbreaking progress in the medical world for at least two decades. Its reputation as a safe treatment is scientifically established.

Botox doctors have performed more than 16 million treatments, and long-term side effects are exceedingly rare. As Health Central explains, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration approved Botox for use in 2002.

Who makes a good candidate for Botox?

Botox is popular among both men and women around the world. The ideal candidate is a healthy individual who does not have an allergy to Botox. You should discuss your medical history, as well as any drugs or supplements you are taking with your Botox doctor.

If you have a history of musculoskeletal diseases, then your physician may recommend an alternative treatment. Other factors that may affect whether you are a good candidate for Botox include:

• Thickness of facial skin;
• Muscle weakness in the targeted area;
• Facial scars;
• Drooping eyelids;
• Skin disorders in the targeted area;
• And significant asymmetry of the face.

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