What Factors Influence the CoolSculpting Cost in Charlotte?

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CoolSculpting has made global headlines as the world’s most effective non-surgical fat reduction procedure. A single CoolSculpting session takes about one hour and can reduce fat in a target area by up to 25 percent.

Coolsculpting Treatment at Evolve Medical Associates

What’s more, most CoolSculpting patients have little to no recovery time. According to WebMD, CoolSculpting has a lower risk of complications compared to surgical procedures such as liposuction.

Is CoolSculpting More Affordable Than Liposuction?

Hiring a qualified plastic surgeon to perform a complicated fat reduction procedure at a reputable facility will cost significantly more than CoolSculpting. This simple process freezes targeted fat without the need for incisions or anesthetic. Also, there are no recovery costs such as the loss of income.

If you are considering CoolSculpting in Charlotte, contact Evolve Medical Associates. With a combination of spa treatments, skincare services and body contouring, the Evolve team can address a range of cosmetic issues.

Call (704) 610-5776 to schedule a consultation. In the meantime, read on to learn three factors that influence the CoolSculpting cost:

  1. Location of Practice

The cost of living can vary greatly from one region to the next. According to the Council for Community and Economic Research, the Cost of Living Index influences most services and products in any given place. CoolSculpting is no exception.

You will not pay the same in New York as in Florida, Alabama or North Carolina. Prices can even vary between cities and smaller localities.

  1. Scale of Treatment

The cost of CoolSculpting will vary according to the size and location of the area you wish to treat. For example, it will cost more to do the buttock, back, thighs or abdomen than it will to treat the chin, cheeks, ankles or knees. The bigger the area, the more you will pay. Additionally, you must factor in the number of sessions you will require to achieve your goals; this will influence overall cost.

  1. Payment Plan

It is doubtful that your health insurance policy will cover CoolSculpting. This is because the procedure is elective and done for cosmetic reasons.

If you need to finance the cost through a bank loan, credit card or the clinic that performs your CoolSculpting procedure, then it is important to consider interest rates.

What is the average CoolSculpting cost?

The CoolSculpting cost of a single session can vary from about $500 to $1,500 depending on the abovementioned factors. If you require many sessions to treat multiple areas, the cost could be much higher. A total body overhaul, for example, could cost $2,500 to $4,500.

Because the CoolSculpting cost can vary greatly, it is important to discuss your goals with the treatment facility before you decide if the procedure fits your budget. However, just like any other cosmetic treatment, you should never let the cost alone influence where you get CoolSculpting; you should find an established clinic with a reputation for providing exceptional results.

If you are interested in CoolSculpting in Charlotte, contact Evolve Medical Associates. At Evolve, we offer several cosmetic treatments including Juvéderm, Restylane, Botox Cosmetic and laser treatments. Call (704) 610-5776 to schedule a consultation.