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Why Diets Fail And How A Detox Can Kickstart Your New Year Off Right by Aaron Chacon, Nutritionist & Personal Trainer


Everyone’s New Year’s resolution seems to always be to lose weight. The reason why most everyone fails is fairly simple. Diets don’t last – by its very nature, a diet is a temporary thing. That’s not to say dieting isn’t useful, but it is best reserved for a specific goal such as an event or competition. This short-term mindset that dieting brings upon won’t work for most people’s resolutions. If your goal is to lose weight, and to keep it off, then a quick fix that some fad diet promises won’t cut it. It’s no secret that to make a permanent change to your physique requires a permanent change to your lifestyle. This idea can be intimidating at first, but small, incremental changes to your daily routine can go a long ways. The problem with a New Year’s resolution is this mentality to change entirely on a certain date; to drop everything you’re doing wrong and begin fresh on Monday morning. The slow, steady route with small positive changes daily will ultimately lead to successful weight loss.

A solid workout program is the other major player in transforming your physique. A workout program, coupled with a good nutrition program should be the goal. A “good” nutrition program is one that is balanced, healthy, designed to fit whatever your goal may be, and one that will fuel your workouts. Showing up to the gym isn’t the same as working out. Be honest with yourself about what is really happening when you’re at the gym. Another problem with dieting is that it may have a negative impact on your workouts. Now, I am not saying that eating in a manner that puts you in a calorie deficit is a bad thing, but it’s important to note that there are many more factors in the the physique transformation process than the “calories-in vs. calories out” theory. If the way you’re eating is harming your workouts, it’s time to rethink things. 

These things that I have touched upon can seem overwhelming if you’ve never successfully reached your goals. Working with a nutritionist and a personal trainer may be the next step if you’re serious about making a change. Here at Evolve Medical Associates, I will work closely with you, tailoring a diet specific to your goals and training you in a way most suitable for your goals. I believe a holistic approach is the best route for health and fitness. In this realm, everything builds upon one another, there’s a synergistic effect by having an effective nutrition and fitness plan – something a “diet” just can’t do.

One thing that can kickstart your progress is starting a detox. The focus of a detox should be to optimize liver function. See, the liver works in a two phase process – the first phase being conjugation and the second, excretion. Ideally, these two phases would be working in sync with one another. However, the reality is that one cycle may be working more rapidly or slower than the other. Think of two cogs turning together. If one of the liver’s cycles isn’t working efficiently, there will be a build up of metbolites. Simply put, fat burning and removal of toxins becomes very inefficient. By optimizing this two phase process, you are essentially maximizing the potential for any weight loss pursuit. Here at Evolve Medical Associates, we have two options when it comes to detox kits. We have a 28 day plan and a 7 day plan. These detox kits are packed with key vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that play crucial roles in the two phase process of the liver. There isn’t necessarily a calorie restriction for these detox protocols. However, this is a perfect time to begin cleaning up your diet and start the new year off right.

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