Isabella Ayscue

Certified Laser & CoolSculpting®️️️️️️️ Technician
Best Medical Doctor

Isabella Ayscue received her undergraduate degree from SUNY Brookhaven and her MBA from the University of Rochester. She spent several years working in corporate America before realizing that life was too short to have a job she didn’t love, and by chance, she found her passion in helping others by working in the medical cosmetic industry.

After extensive training, including attending CoolSculpting®️️️️️️️ University, Isabella became a Certified CoolSculpting®️️️️️️️ body contouring technician. Isabella’s drive to exceed expectations has made her extremely successful in body contouring and has led to her being recognized by CoolSculpting®️️️️️️️. She is one of a handful of CoolSculpting®️️️️️️️ technicians to be invited to complete the prestigious CoolSculpting®️️️️️️️ University Master Program.

Isabella’s passion does not end with CoolSculpting®️️️️️️️ treatments. Over the last several years she has become an expert in our BBL and Halo laser treatments for skin rejuvenation. Her excitement in learning and advancing her craft has led to outstanding outcomes for patients, including life changing improvement in their skin appearance and health, as evidenced by the many raving patient reviews.

Whether you are looking to address stubborn body areas or wishing to erase years and indiscretions from your skin, you can rest assured that Isabella will provide you with safe and effective results at Evolve.

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What Patients say about Isabella

“I’ve been seeing Isabella for BBL for about a year and I am so happy with the results! She is truly wonderful. I recently went for a maintenance visit on my face plus asked her to do my chest and arms too this time. Amazing results! I am so happy. I have had treatments at other med spas in the past, and hands down Isabella is my favorite.”