4 Surprising Facts about Liposuction

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The Internet offers a wealth of information about surgical procedures. There are countless sites that patients can visit to learn about particular symptoms and diseases. The rapid spread of information does have its drawbacks, though – including the dissemination of myths.

Woman preparing for liposuction

If you are considering liposuction in Charlotte and want to know the facts, we can help. At Evolve Medical Associates, we offer a variety of cosmetic procedures that we can customize to fit your particular needs. Call us today at (704) 610-5776 to schedule an appointment, and read on for four surprising facts that you probably didn’t know about liposuction:

1. It’s not for people who are obese.

When most people hear the term “liposuction,” they probably think of a quick way to lose weight. While the procedure does help remove stubborn pockets of fat, it is not necessarily effective for patients who are obese. HealthGrades reminds readers that the optimal candidates are those who are already within 30 percent of their ideal body weight.

The patients who benefit most from the procedure are those who are healthy, fit and active. Nonsmokers recover the fastest from surgery and tend to keep the weight off longer. Discuss your goals with your doctor before undergoing the procedure to be sure that you have reasonable expectations.

2. It can enhance the results of other cosmetic procedures.

Depending on your ultimate cosmetic goals, you could benefit from one or more elective procedures. Though liposuction alone is highly effective for contouring the body into a pleasing shape, it also happens to be a great way to enhance the results of other treatments, like tummy tucks. The patients who are most satisfied with their bodies after surgery are more likely to maintain the results, so if you are considering a tummy tuck, Botox or cellulite treatments, ask your surgeon if liposuction would help improve the results.

3. It can restore motivation and confidence.

The best candidates for liposuction are those who have already lost a significant amount of weight; however, when stubborn fat pockets remain – no matter what you do – it can be very disheartening. Researchers have found that liposuction can actually restore the motivation to lead a healthy life for those who have lost it. A healthy lifestyle is the key to maintaining results after surgery, and your improved appearance might be the spark you need to start a diet and exercise program.

4. Surgeons can reuse the fat they remove.

Thanks to advancements in medical technology, fat transfer procedures are growing incredibly popular. These surgeries involve taking fat from one part of the body and adding it to another for a more shapely, contoured figure. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, schedule a consultation to find out if you are a good candidate for liposuction and related procedures.

At Evolve Medical Associates, our doctors use the latest techniques to ensure beautiful, lasting results. Call us today at (704) 610-5776 to arrange an initial consultation and discuss your cosmetic goals.