Charlotte Tickle Lipo Clinic Identifies 2 Questions to Ask before Undergoing Liposuction

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A healthy lifestyle that involves a balanced diet and plenty of exercise can dramatically improve almost anyone’s appearance. Sometimes, though, there remain stubborn pockets of fat that seem immune to even the strictest regimen.

Fortunately, cosmetic surgery has advanced to a point where operations are safer and more effective than ever. Certain approaches, such as tickle lipo, require very little downtime, which makes these treatments more practical for people with children, work, school and other obligations.

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Until then, read on to learn two questions that you should ask before undergoing liposuction:

1. Are You in Good Health?

One popular misconception about liposuction is that it is a magical way to remove any fatty tissue. While liposuction does in fact remove fat cells, it is not appropriate for patients who are obese.

According to WebMD, liposuction targets unwanted areas of fat for people who are otherwise healthy. Your overall weight should be relatively stable before undergoing liposuction; otherwise, fat cells in certain areas may grow in such a way that they could threaten your health after surgery.

Because liposuction is a form of surgery, you should be healthy enough to undergo the procedure. You should discuss all of your current medications, as well as your medical history, with the surgeon.

2. What Are Your Health Goals?

You should take a long time to consider what your true health goals are. If you are excessively overweight, then it may be more advantageous to explore options outside of liposuction – at least to start.

Prior to liposuction, your weight should be stable. To optimize the results, it is important that you live a lifestyle that will allow you to maintain this weight after the operation.

Also, if your goal is to lose weight for health reasons, then it may be best to start with dieting and exercise. These will boost your overall health and fitness levels, which could make you a better candidate for liposuction. Also, being healthy can minimize your recover time after surgery.

Liposuction can help improve your body’s silhouette by addressing stubborn fat deposits around the stomach, hips, back, chest and more. It is a highly versatile operation, and there are several different approaches. The right option for you depends on several factors, which is why you should consult a liposuction clinic for guidance.

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