Liposuction Growing More Popular for Men in the United States

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Despite all the advances of modern medicine, the secrets to a healthy, toned appearance are still diet and exercise. But for millions of men in the United States who complete a long and arduous weight-loss journey, no amount of fruits, veggies or pushups can remove those stubborn pockets of fat.

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Fortunately, liposuction can target these areas and remove fat cells, leaving a more contoured, attractive appearance. This is the main reason why, according to, the number of cosmetic procedures for men has increased by more than 100 percent since 1997, and liposuction is one of the five most popular procedures among males in the United States. 

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Why Liposuction Is Becoming Popular among Men

Modern cosmetic surgery techniques are much safer and more comfortable than procedures of the past. Liposuction is less invasive than it once was, and there are several ways to perform the procedure depending on the patient’s goals and physical state. 

Thanks to surgical breakthroughs, the recovery time is also shorter. This means men have to take less time off work to undergo liposuction, making it a more practical option.

Improving Your Look and Confidence

It’s no secret that an attractive appearance builds confidence. Millions of American men are self-conscious about lose skin and fat pockets that remain after losing weight. This can affect their relationships, social success and even their careers.

Liposuction can boost a patient’s confidence by sculpting the body for a fitter, tighter appearance. It is particularly effective on the neck, tummy and love handle regions.

Tickle Lipo in Charlotte, N.C.

Liposuction procedures have evolved substantially in the last decade, and today, there are several ways to perform the procedure. Tickle lipo is one of the most popular, comfortable and convenient types.

Also known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (NIL), tickle lipo gets its name from the tingling sensation that patients feel during the operation. The procedure is much more comfortable than liposuction alternatives, and it comes with less downtime.

Tickle lipo involves the vibration of the cannula, the tube that sucks out the fat. This vibration prevents pain in a similar fashion as scratching an itch.

Also, the vibration allows the cannula to pass through fat cells and deliver local anesthesia. It also helps the cannula pass through tough, fibrous areas. This reduces the overall surgery time, and patients report these benefits:

·       Permanent results

·       Little discomfort

·       A more contoured appearance

·       Short recovery time

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