Charlotte Botox Doctor Answers 5 FAQs about the Procedure

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We all want to look and feel our best. Unfortunately, maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly is not always enough. Cosmetic enhancement has come a long way in finding safe and effective ways to reverse the most common signs of aging, and Botox is one of the most reliable means of achieving a more youthful appearance.

Understandably, many potential patients have several questions about Botox, especially regarding its safety, use and overall results. When patients visit a qualified professional for their injections, they are often pleased with the results, which typically come with few negative side effects.

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In the meantime, here are five frequently asked questions about Botox:

1. What is Botox?

The name “Botox” comes from the scientific term “botulinum toxin.” Botox injections start off as a dry powder, which doctors mix with a clean saline solution before administering. Since the desired results require a small portion of the raw material, practitioners only use tiny amounts for clinical applications.

2. What are some of the common uses of Botox?

Though people use Botox most commonly for its anti-aging benefits, doctors have actually used it to treat a variety of conditions in the past 50 years. Botox can treat excessive sweating, cervical dystonia, Upper Motor Neuron Syndrome and even chronic migraines. In the cosmetic world, Botox is the go-to treatment for squint lines, chin lines, forehead lines, crows’ feet and other signs of premature aging.

3. Does Botox have any side effects?

Like almost any treatment, Botox does have a few possible side effects, according to the Mayo Clinic; however, all of them are mild and treatable. One of the most common side effects, known as “droopy eyes,” is temporary and usually disappears within one to two weeks following the procedure.

Because doctors have to inject Botox, there is a chance that bruising will develop, but that is actually from the needle and not the Botox itself. There may also be some swelling or slight numbness, both of which are treatable or will go away on their own.

4. Are Botox results permanent?

Botox results typically last four to six months, depending on the area treated, as well as other factors such as age, weight and overall health. Your doctor can discuss a long-term plan for Botox treatments with you that takes your goals and health in mind.

5. Is Botox safe?

Botox has a long history of repeated use, and scientists have researched its safety extensively, which is why it is so popular today. Ultimately, Botox is a safe and affordable option for those who hope to rejuvenate their appearance.

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